The kind of trouble you want to get into. 


May 2016


January 2015

  • I had such a great time taking part in the TRU Voices reading of the new musical Pumped! I played one of the main character's nemeses Hilary, a sexy, scheming venture capitalist. (I think a new villianous theme may be developing...)

December 2014

  • I had a blast filming the first three episodes of the new webseries Without A Hitch as Gina, the bitchy bartender. I'm so excited to be recurring on this series as the main character's nemesis! It's a brand new series with lots of great roles for women and minorities. Great stuff. Stay tuned for updates on where you can watch it and future episodes!

December 2014

  • Okay. So clearly an update is LONG overdue on this page. July 2013... yikes! Luckily I've been very busy starring and producing and singing and acting and lots of awesome stuff. UPDATES COMING SOON!!!!!

July 2013

  • ​​From Broadway With Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook will be airing on PBS! I had the pleasure to sing at this amazing star-studded event earlier in the year with over 100 other Broadway singers, in addition to children from Newton and I am so thrilled that we will be reaching an even larger audience. Click here to read about it on's The Week Ahead! And read more about From Broadway With Love... here.

June 2013

  •     I was super excited to re-team with the good folks over at VEVO to enter the 48 Hour Film Project. Its such a great group and we came out with an awesome thriller. Stay tuned for pictures and of course, the film!

Lindsay Aster


The kind of trouble you want to get into.